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Acorn Lodge Mug 2

Acorn Lodge Mug 2

from £4.99

This mug was designed by artists from our Acorn Lodge Hub.

To find this design on a bag, click here,

Due to our small staff, we cannot do deliveries on demand. Order here and receive before Christmas.

All proceeds will go towards improving Options for Life's services.


Product Description

Acorn Lodge’s Art Sessions focus on the process behind Art Making. Our participants with PMLD seem very drawn to the messy, uninhibited impulse to touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. Needless to say, the process of making these designs was messy!
We used different textured balls covered in paint on large sheets of paper on the floor. This created lots of texture for colours to merge and create different shapes. We can see all sorts, from fields of flowers to underwater scenes!