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How we do it

How we do it

Options for Life is an inclusive organisation.  We work with people and organisations that share the objective of empowering and enabling people with a learning disability to lead a full life within the community. We will always treat people with integrity.

It is important that everyone in the organisation agrees to put these principles into practice in the planning, management and delivery of its services, to the benefit of participants.  The organisation’s guiding principles are:

1     Acceptance of everyone within Options for Life

 Everyone is accepted, valued and treated with respect and care.

2     Promoting each other’s interests

 We encourage an attitude of respect, consideration, care and empathy amongst those involved in every aspect of the organisation.  We believe that it is better to serve than to be served.  We ‘go the extra mile’ and treat  everyone in the way we ourselves  wish to be treated.  The board of trustees, senior staff and others in positions of responsibility will lead by example, and encourage this attitude throughout the organisation.

3     Helping participants to live life to the full

 We provide opportunities for participants to realise their potential through positive opportunities.  We promote a sense of well-being and self-worth among participants.

4     Proactively responding to participants’ needs and aspirations

 We help meet the needs which participants themselves believe to be most important.  This includes their physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being.  We listen carefully to participants.  Our approach is informed by their views about their priorities and aspirations.  We focus on participants’ immediate priorities and their longer-term aspirations.

5     Making a difference

 Where we have the necessary resources to make a further difference we will seek to address unmet need and aspirations through the development of existing and new approaches.  Where we do not currently have access to the resources needed to do this, we will raise awareness of unmet needs amongst policy makers, funders and potential providers.  We will also contribute to the broader local, regional and national discussions proactively contributing to policy developments.

6     Taking responsibility for and learning from mistakes

 We try to avoid making mistakes but realise we will not always succeed.  Where we do make mistakes we will (both as individuals and as an organisation) own up, take responsibility for making amends where possible, seek to learn from our mistakes and try to avoid repeating them.  We will say sorry when we should.

7     Respecting the rights of individuals to adhere to their own beliefs

 We will deal fairly with everyone on an equal basis and uphold the right of participants and everyone else in the organisation to follow their own beliefs so long as this does not infringe the rights and well-being of others

8     Encouraging volunteers and paid staff to develop their skills and capacities

 We believe that the motivation, skills and attitude of paid staff and volunteers are fundamentally important to the continued health and quality of the organisation.  There will be opportunities for them to refresh and develop their  skills and capabilities in line with their own aspirations and the needs of the organisation as a whole.

9     Dealing with issues relating to staffing, finance and other management issues with integrity and transparency

We will handle all issues of staffing and financial and administrative management with integrity and transparency.  We place great value on the work of our board of trustee members, staff and volunteers and will deal righteously with all aspects of administration and management across the organisation.

10  Seeking to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible way

 We strive to operate in a socially responsible way, acting with concern and sensitivity, aware of the impact our actions have on others.  We recognise our obligations towards helping safeguard the environment. We aim to minimise the negative environmental impact of our activities by sustainable practices.

We endeavour to follow socially and environmentally responsible practices with our overall aim being to minimise any harmful impact our actions might have on people, the broader world community, animals and the environment.