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What we do

What we do!

Options for Life provides workshops and skills sessions from our community hubs.  Our person centred approach gives you the opportunity to develop preferences, choices and interests. We will support you to increase your self-confidence and self-worth, develop communication and social skills, extend social networks and increase independence with an outcomes led approach.

Options for Life has developed a small number of specialist services meeting specific needs. Programmes have been developed in response to particular needs and include WomanZone, for women with learning disabilities, Acorn Lodge supports people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and complex health needs, 

Learning for Life
Learning for Life supports you to become more independent and will encourage you to make choices about your own life.

Creative Options
Creative Options provides opportunities to explore independent thinking and expression through a range of arts and media based workshops.

Health for Life
The Health for Life programme supports you to participate in proactive, preventative and enjoyable activities promoting positive health and wellbeing.

The Great Outdoors
The Great Outdoors programme supports you to take part in a wide range of outdoor activities promoting learning, health and wellbeing and creativity.