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What your donations can do...

£5.00 buys:

Silver ‘Sand for Sensory’ activities

Could buy ingredients for two participants to develop their independent living skills, to prepare a meal of their choosing and learn about planning, preparation and healthy living.

£10.00 buys:

One Flotation Aid for swimming

Can pay for two participants to visit the Bridge Centre in Tipton and enjoy a relaxing sensory experience that can really help to calm and enhance someone’s health and well being

Ten packs of seeds, or Three bags of charms for jewellery making

Three bags of compost to grow flowers and vegetables, or Ten canvass bags for screen printing

One Annual Leisure Pass to enable participants to access local Leisure Centres

£25.00 buys:

A Zumba session

Four participants a training session with a professional Drama teacher, enabling them to grow in confidence, make new friends, learn new skills and produce work that they can share with the community and feel proud of

A meal out for five participants, a bowling session for nine members, or £25.00 provides new dies for the cutting machine for
paper craftwork

Materials for Craft or Printing sessions

£50.00 buys:

One adjustable table to attach to a wheelchair

Contributes towards the purchase of additional IT tablets that participants with limited or no verbal communication can use to assist them to make choices and develop hand eye coordination skills. With all the new apps and software upgrading, our IT equipment will open a whole new world of opportunities for our participants

A train journey for five participants to explore the community by train or three new screens for the screen printing sessions

Contributes towards the renovation of both our Secret Garden and the Woodcraft Unit