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Allotment/Secret Garden - both external venues

For some of our participants being indoors around large groups of people can be daunting, others being too close to them or high volumes of noise can make them feel anxious. At Oak Green Lodge we have some great outdoor spaces, and one of these is our allotment. This is a large area where our participants can unwind and discover a whole new world.


The space is secure, so there is always the opportunity for individuals who want or need to be alone at times to become self-absorbed, planting seeds, or watering what is already growing. The allotment gives the participant the opportunity to experience what it is like to plant from a seed, nurture it and watch it grow giving them a sense of achievement.


There is also a sense of pride when it comes to the harvest of what they have grown because they can proudly bring it back to the hub to be cooked or take it home.

The Secret Garden is on the site at Oak Green Lodge.  Participants can grow plants, take part in outdoor craft sessions, take advantage of any good weather and the garden furniture to have lunch with friends or just have some alone time to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

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