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Goals & Objectives

Our Goals are to:


Build Independence & Social Inclusion

We want our participants to experience a strong boost of self-esteem, positivity and independence through life skills and social inclusion.

Skills for Life Pathways

We want to inspire and encourage our participants to achieve their goals by providing skills and opportunities to maximise their potential.

Strengthen Partnerships

We will build strong relationships based on trust, common values and mutual respect.

Be Fit for Future

We will continuously improve and expand our services to benefit our participants and ensure a sustainable future for the organisation.

Nurture Talent

We will be an employer of excellence who recognises talent and provides support, training and development to all staff within their role.

Our Objectives to achieve the above are to:

  • Develop a range of services to meet the needs of our participants

  • Give control and choice back to our participants

  • Enable participants to become integrated into their own communities

  • Ensure our services are culturally appropriate to meet the needs of diverse groups

  • Provide a variety of meaningful voluntary and work place opportunities

  • Promote learning disabilities and/or autism employment benefits to local businesses and organisations

  • Evidence the impact on individuals and communities

  • Develop and build productive relationships to enhance the delivery of services

  • Work alongside commissioners, other agencies and stakeholders to develop future delivery models

  • Raise the profile of Options for Life amongst all stakeholders

  • Build upon the parent/carer forum

  • Develop the organisation’s outcome focused approach

  • Invest in research projects for growth and development to “Build Back Better”

  • Increase the organisation’s financial wellbeing

  • Grow and diversify funding opportunities

  • Celebrate ALL successes

  • Value all staff and volunteers and prioritise their growth and wellbeing

  • Ensure all staff and volunteers have the right training, values and support

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