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"I like coming to Options for Life because all of the staff are really kind and I really enjoy seeing all of my friends. I especially love going out for the day with support worker Carol as she makes me laugh. The staff at Options for Life let me do things on my own when I am with them, like pay for my own shopping, I like this because I like to be independent. I am a really good singer and I am in the choir at Options for Life."

Our Impact

We empower and enable adults with learning difficulties and/or autism to live full, healthy lives.


We put our participants at the heart of everything we do by empowering them to make their own choices. We take pride in ensuring our person-centred, community-based approach improves participant’s quality of life. We commit to working together to ensure the people we support live well by staying safe.


We continuously review and monitor the way we work at all levels, enabling us to focus on positive social, environmental and economic changes.


We focus on challenging inequalities and co-producing for better support.


Our services support and enable people so they do not feel socially isolated; support important routines for our participants with autism who need structure; support and recognise when there needs to be interactions with healthcare services, which can prevent hospital admissions; support and restore independence.

Charlotte's thoughts on our newly refurbished kitchen

funded by The Screwfix Foundation

"The kitchen looks really nice. I want to use the kitchen for cooking for my friend. It elevates my confidence when serving drinks to my friends."

Charlotte learning to email_edited.jpg

Eyaz's mother

"Acorn Lodge is a very nice daycentre for adults with multiple needs. It’s a wonderful place where they are encouraged to wind down and bring them out of their shell. My son always wants to go to Acorn Lodge, even if he’s not very well, that’s how much Acorn Lodge has an impact on his life. He loves it, the staff, his friends there, they’re doing a brilliant job and thank you so much."


Emma (Maisy's mom)

"Maisy is truly happy at Acorn Lodge. She gets to experience a wide range of sensory and creative experiences that match her needs perfectly. From visiting places and events in the community to pottery classes, theme days and theatre workshops, no week is ever the same. Our family is so grateful to Acorn Lodge and their committed, amazing staff."


Sandra (Cheryl's sister)

"What the staff do for Cheryl is irreplaceable and most gratefully appreciated. The time she spends with staff like Stacey, Emma, and all the staff involved are a real caring bunch and without such people would make my life very different, so thank you to all that are involved for a wonderful service that you provide. I would recommend options for life to anyone considering their loved one attending."


June (Jessica's mom)

"Jessica always has a great time. She enjoys going out with her friends at Acorn Lodge and doing all the fun things they do."


Kaye's dad

"Most caring bunch of staff I've had the pleasure to meet."


Liam's mom

"My son Liam has grown in confidence since joining OFL. He especially loves Wednesdays as it's Goals football, where he has won the crossbar challenge several times and also he's a good referee." 


Julie (Claire's mom)

"Where do I start? Thank you. I don't know what I would do without the support Options for Life has given me since 2011, when Claire started. They have a good range of activities and days out.

The staff is friendly and supportive, and they are always willing to talk to you."


Dawn (Danny's mom)

"My son Danny arrives at Acorn Lodge with a smile and leaves with a smile which tells me he’s had a great day."

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