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Our Services

We accept referrals from professionals, families/carers and individuals. You can download a referral form here.


All participants are invited in for taster days and receive a full assessment prior to starting the service.


A package of support will be agreed with Options for Life and the participant and their family/carer.


You will receive a Welcome Pack detailing lots of important information and consent forms that you will need to have completed and sent back to Options for Life.


One of the Support Team Managers will work with you, your family and professionals to create an Options for Life Person Centred Support Plan, this will detail all of your support needs and what we need to know to give you the best support.


You will always have a choice of what activities you would like to take part in, whether this is tennis, Zumba, arts and crafts or popping to the pub for lunch, we will always ensure you have choice.


We can provide support with any of your physical mobility and care needs.


Staff will enable you to maintain your independence and where needed encourage and support you to learn new independent living skills. Staff are trained to deal with and support participants that may have sensory needs, set routines or may require specialist additional 1:1 support.


Our service is flexible, we will work with you and your family to support you to make any changes to your chosen programme or to try new experiences. Our aim is to provide a service that will enhance your life, health and wellbeing, achieve your goals and support you to build on your strengths, have fun and be as independent as you possibly can.

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