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Unleashing Creativity and Celebrating Community: King's Coronation Week at Options for Life

The Options for Life's Oak Green Lodge and Acorn Lodge hub celebrated King's Coronation week with various activities and a final grand Big Buffet Lunch day at the end of the week. We received King's Coronation V2030 microgrant from SCVO Sandwell to celebrate the Coronation. A huge thanks to the funder.

Participants of Options for Life decorated the hub with coronation buntings, balloons, flyers, and flags. The atmosphere was electrifying as everyone participated in celebrating the King's Coronation.

Acorn Lodge hub of the Options for Life has celebrated the King's coronation in a befitting manner. The participants enjoyed activities ranging from decorating patriotic cakes, making mango lassi smoothies, pinning the crown on the corgi, and a royal photo booth. In addition, everyone enjoyed the buffet fit for a King and the cakes that were made earlier.

The weather was pleasant for the participants and their families to enjoy being out using the gazebo. The day was finished with a very royal sensory story where everyone witnessed the King being crowned. It was an enjoyable day, and all had fun.

Throughout the week, participants were engaged in arts and crafts sessions at Oak Green Lodge hub. They made drawings and colourings and created crowns to wear during the celebrations. The participants' creativity was on full display as they made stunning designs that adorned the hub, adding colour and life to the celebrations.

The music and fun during the week were also fantastic. Participants danced to lively tunes and sang along to popular songs. It was truly heartwarming to see everyone come together, united in the joy of the celebrations.

The grand finale of the King's Coronation week was the Big Buffet Lunch day, where everyone gathered to enjoy a delicious spread of food. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and happiness as participants, their parents and carers, and the staff enjoyed the tasty food while chatting and socialising.

The Deputy Lieutenant of West Midlands Lieutenancy Dr Satya Sharma MBE graced the occasion with his presence, making the celebrations even more special. The Deputy Lieutenant joined in the fun and festivities, interacting with the participants and sharing in their joy. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to meet and engage with the Deputy Lieutenant and receive recognition for their efforts in organising and participating in the event. His speech for the participants, their parents and carers and the staff was well-received by all. The Deputy Lieutenant's attendance was a memorable moment for everyone involved, and it further highlighted the importance of inclusive and community-based events like the King's Coronation Week.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Deputy Lieutenant for visiting us and for his interest in our organisation. We would also like to thank the King for his message and ongoing support. It was a truly memorable day for everyone at Options for Life, and we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the King's Coronation Celebration.

The Options for Life has always been committed to providing its participants with a nurturing and inclusive environment where they can grow and flourish. The King's Coronation week was a testament to this commitment, as everyone came together to celebrate, have fun, and create lasting memories.

Overall, the King's Coronation week was a tremendous success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Options for Life team and the enthusiastic participation of the participants. The event was a perfect example of how celebrating special occasions can bring people together, foster a sense of community, and create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

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