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Creative Space

Welcome to the Creative Space at Options for Life! This vibrant and dynamic area is dedicated to fostering creativity, self-expression, and social interaction through a variety of activities. Here, our participants immerse themselves in the world of music, yoga, and performance arts. Our Creative Space offers the perfect environment for singing, playing an instrument, acting, or simply having fun.

Music Sessions
Instruments Available: We provide a range of musical instruments including guitars, keyboards, drums, and more. 


Performance Opportunities: Participants join our sessions to learn, practice, and perform. Our stage is equipped with professional lights and speakers to give the full concert experience.

Group Activities: Participants sing in group sessions and practice band to enhance their musical skills and enjoy the friendship of making music together.

Yoga Sessions
Relaxation and Wellness: Our yoga sessions focus on relaxation, mindfulness, and physical well-being. It is a part of our Better Mental Health project funded by Sandwell Council.

Holistic Approach: We blend traditional yoga practices with modern techniques to offer a holistic approach to health and wellness.


Creative Arts
Drama: Participants engage in drama and acting exercises that are fun and build confidence.

Workshops: Our participants take part in various creative workshops designed to enhance their artistic abilities and the creative space provides a platform.


Our Creative Space is equipped with everything our participants need to unleash their creativity:

State-of-the-Art Stage: A professional stage setup with advanced lighting and sound systems.


Comfortable Environment: A welcoming and comfortable environment that inspires creativity and fun.


Supportive Community: We have a supportive community that encourages and celebrates each other’s talents.



Explore our photo gallery to see the vibrant life within our Creative Space. From lively music sessions to serene yoga classes and engaging acting workshops, our gallery captures the essence of what makes this space so special.


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