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A Visit of Millicent to Options for Life

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

On the 30th August 2022, we invited Millicent Chapananda to join us at Oak Green and Acorn Lodge. She brought with her a host of Djembe Drums and Percussion for us to play and get rhythmic with! Milli taught us a traditional Zimbabwean song and various drumming styles. Our groups really got in the zone with the rhythms and thoroughly enjoyed Millicent’s visit.

We look forward to putting together our Options For Life radio show about her visit soon. It was also a great opportunity to enjoy our newly refurbished Creative Space!

Here is our radio show for September focusing on Zimbabwean musical Millicent Chapanda who came to visit us earlier in the month.

Tom Peele

Music Project Worker

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Maruf Ahmed
Maruf Ahmed
Sep 11, 2022


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