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Friday Quiz: Answer the following questions to test your knowledge about various charitable causes.

Which organisation is known for providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief across the globe?

  • 0%Red Cross

  • 0%Greenpeace

  • 0%UNICEF

  • 0%World Wildlife Fund

Which cause does the Make-A-Wish Foundation support.

  • 0%Environmental conservation

  • 0%Education

  • 0%Children with critical illnesses

  • 0%HIV/AIDS

Which organisation is a Sandwell-based charity?

  • 0%Legacy West Midlands

  • 0%Options for Life

  • 0%Torch Trust

  • 0%Father Hudson's Care

Which charity is known for its efforts to provide clean water to communities in need?

  • 0%WaterAid

  • 0%Habitat for Humanity

  • 0%The Salvation Army

  • 0%Feeding America

Which international organisation is dedicated to the eradication of poverty and hunger?

  • 0%Oxfam

  • 0%Save the Children

  • 0%Amnesty International

  • 0%Doctors Without Borders

The answers will be published on our social media pages next week on Friday. Let's make a positive impact together!

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