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Exploring the Benefits of Sensory Garden at Acorn Lodge

At Options for Life, we believe everyone should have access to outdoor spaces promoting well-being and relaxation. For our participants at Acorn Lodge hub who have profound and multiple learning disabilities, sensory gardens can be a particularly effective way to engage with nature and the environment.

Our sensory garden is designed to stimulate the senses, with a variety of textures, smells, and colours to explore. We are hoping to purchase the water feature and wind chimes and add colour to the garden. Our participants can touch, smell, and listen to the sensory elements, which can help to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

For our participants with profound and multiple learning disabilities, the sensory garden provides a safe and calming space where they can interact with the natural world. It can also provide an opportunity for sensory integration therapy, which can help to improve motor skills and communication.

The sensory garden is also a social space where our participants can engage with each other and with staff members. It can be used for group activities like sensory exploration and outdoor art projects. The garden is accessible to everyone, with wheelchair-friendly paths. We are also hoping to have wheelchair-accessible beds to add to the raised beds that are already there.

Overall, our sensory garden is an important resource for our participants with profound and multiple learning disabilities. It provides a safe and stimulating environment where they can engage with nature, promote well-being, and connect with others. We are committed to continuing to develop and improve our sensory garden to meet our participants' unique needs and interests.

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