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Options for Life Welcomed Delegates from Sandwell Council

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


A burst of excitement and energy filled the air as Options for Life welcomed Deputy Mayor Elaine Giles and esteemed Councillors from Sandwell Council for a truly memorable visit. This remarkable occasion offered a firsthand experience of the vibrant activities and warm atmosphere that define our organisation. The day was marked by engaging interactions, inspiring performances, and a shared appreciation for the meaningful work being done at Options for Life.

A Day of Immersion and Engagement

The visit commenced with a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm as Deputy Mayor Elaine Giles and the Councillors stepped into the heart of Options for Life. The participants were fully engaged in a diverse range of activities that showcased their talents, abilities, and creativity. From music sessions to arts and crafts, the Councillors had the opportunity to witness the participants' unwavering enthusiasm and dedication.

One of the highlights of the day was the captivating music session led by our music project staff, Tom. The participants united in joyful chorus songs, filling the space with an infectious spirit of camaraderie. Charlotte's soulful solo performance stole the spotlight, leaving everyone in awe and receiving a resounding applause that echoed the profound impact of the moment.

Celebrating Achievements and Support

During the visit, Maruf eloquently shared Options for Life's fundraising achievements and ongoing endeavours. His words echoed the incredible support received from various trusts, foundations, and businesses, underscoring the sense of community that fuels our mission. The dedication of the staff members and the inspiring efforts of the participants were evident to all, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the Councillors.

Artistic Flair and Community Bonding

The visit continued with an arts and crafts session where participants expressed their artistic flair through jewellery making. This hands-on activity not only showcased their creativity but also provided a platform for meaningful interactions between the participants and the delegates. The resulting jewellery pieces served as tangible symbols of the bonds formed during the visit, embodying the spirit of unity and shared experiences.

Words of Appreciation

Councillor Jill Tromans of Langley Ward expressed her gratitude, saying, "Thank you for your email and it was great to meet yourself and the wonderful team and service users. Also, to meet Charlotte and hear about her singing, and thank you to Tom for his guitar playing and song writing. It was wonderful to come and meet and see some of the support staff and service users."

Councillor Jenny Chidley of Wednesbury South shared her thoughts, remarking, "Thank you for inviting us, it was great to meet everyone and the atmosphere was amazing. Every looked really happy and welcoming."

Councillor Suzanne Hartwell, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Adults, Social Care and Health said, "I can only echo what my colleagues have already said, everyone we met and chatted with made me feel very welcome and I can see the positive impact Options for Life are having on the people you support. I thoroughly enjoyed the music session and will you please pass on my thanks to the group and a special thanks to the solo singer. I have given the horse shoes to Cllr Tromans to pass on for me, if you need any more just email me. I have also asked my secretary to action my diary so I can attend the music performance on the 10th."

Celebrating Community and Shared Experiences

The visit from Deputy Mayor Elaine Giles and the Councillors of Sandwell Council was a resounding success, underscoring the power of community connection and shared experiences. The day was a testament to the dedication of Options for Life in empowering individuals and creating a space where talents can flourish, bonds can form, and hearts can be touched.

As we reflect on this heartwarming visit, we are reminded of the profound impact that collaboration and understanding can have on the lives of the individuals we serve. The snapshots taken during the day capture the essence of the joy, creativity, and togetherness that define Options for Life.


Options for Life extends heartfelt appreciation to Deputy Mayor Elaine Giles and the Councillors of Sandwell Council for their inspiring visit. Their presence and kind words serve as a testament to the significance of the work being done here. As we continue our journey of empowerment, community, and shared experiences, we remain committed to creating a world where everyone's unique abilities are celebrated and cherished. This visit is a reminder that together, we can create a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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